El Patio 77

Bed & Breakfast en Mexico City

El Patio 77 es el primer Hotel Boutique B&B Ecológico Sustentable de la Ciudad de México. Mejor que un hotel, ven a descubrir nuestra casona de finales del siglo XIX y pasar una noche en una de nuestros 8 habitaciones.

The eco-friendly bed & breakfast Welcome to Mexico! Welcome to "El Patio 77", the first eco-friendly bed and breakfast in Mexico City. Enjoy one of the eight gorgeous suites of this grand house from the 19th century, completely renovated in 2009 to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly. Prepare to enjoy breakfast in one of two peaceful courtyards before exploring the extraordinary vibrancy and richness Mexico City has to offer.

El Patio 77 has an ideal location. The inn is just 3 blocks from the San Cosme subway station. This subway line goes straight to the zócalo, Mexico City's main plaza--the site of gorgeous colonial cathedrals, ancient Aztec ruins and the most important national government buildings. You can easily access the city's attractions by public transportation (subway, bus, or the "metrobus" rapid transit system) or walking.




El patio 77 is a space in which history, sustainability, art and hospitality come together.

Born from the desire to share what we see as a new future for Mexico City’s tourism, city currently facing a water & power crisis. In addition to housing crisis while, at the same time, there are many abandoned buildings.
The 19th century house that hosts us has ben renewed to continue its productive life and thus, show that being sustainable while meeting modern life needs is possible. In the renewal we implemented various technologies: rainwater harvesting, grey water filtering, solar water heaters, treated water in the toilet and energy-efficient light bulbs.
To reduce our environmental footprint, instead of PET consumption, we have an access free policy on filtered water. Also in our decor we mainly use recycled vintage furniture, rehabilitated wood , or ‘discarded pieces’, like lamps made with Christmas tree tips.

With the renewal we assured the house for a new era. We enchanced the passage of time within its walls by keeping all the original details we could in ceilings, stairs, floors and façade; honoring all that once stepped or will step inside.
To make community, we rely on fair trade with mexican artisans that with the richness of their creations give life to the eight states from which our rooms take name. We want to be a connection between you and a live, breathing Mexico, so in support of fair trade, all the crafs in the house are for sale. They come from small villages, collective work and/or producers from all the corners of the country.
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